*** Please read the instruction carefully before input your English name ***
*** 輸入你的英文/拼音姓名前, 請仔細閱讀說明, 如因不依指示填寫令閣下名字排版出錯, 恕不負責 ***

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Note: Please follow below format to fill in your English name field, we will not be responsible for any publication issues due to an incorrect format
注意: 請依照下列格式填寫英文/拼音姓名, 如因格式不符令排版出錯, 恕不負責

English name format:
Surname, Given Name
英文/拼音姓名格式: 姓氏, 名字 洋名

e.g. 例: Chan, Tai-Man Jordan

Comma must be included between surname and given name. Common mistakes are shown as below
必須以逗號分隔姓氏和名字, 名字之間需以減號分隔, 而名字與洋名則以空隔分隔。請務必依照上述例子配置姓氏、名字及洋名所需英文/拼首字母的大小楷體。 如因格式不符令排版出錯, 恕不負責, 下列例子均為錯誤輸入

Incorrect Input 錯誤輸入:
1. chan tai man jordan
2. Chan, Tai Man Jordan
4. Jordan Tai Man Chan

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